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Emirates Promotional Code (english version)

Updated: 12/01/2016

Occasionally Emirates Airlines offers a promotional code to their passengers. Here we will inform you about the latest Emirates promotional code.

Go to Emirates and enter your PromoCode

The usage of those codes is done in two steps. Visiting the Emirates homepage choose „Search and book flights“ (see picture below).

 In the second step you have the chance to enter your Emirates promotional code. Compare the next picture where we have higlited where to enter the code.


Emirates fligths depart from many airports across Europe directly and non-Stop to Dubai. The flight from London to Dubai takes 7:25 hours. The flight back takes 6:50 hours and is 35 minutes faster.

Use the Emirates promotional code during the booking process!

Here you find some usefull stuff for your business trip and some explanations how to use an so called aktionscode!

Lesen Sie hier mehr: Emirates Promocode (deutsch)

Hier finden Sie weitere Codes:
  • Hicham sagt:

    i;m one of the interesting customer love travel with emirates aairlines

  • Franziska sagt:

    I thank you very much for the Code. This was very useful as my flight was quite expensive. But with this support I could help myself with the booking and the flight. So, my flight from Dubai to Sydney was a pleasure and I can recommend it to fly with an Emirates Promocode.

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